Through fictious city of the future, after tragic events, the siege, the workshop and the fate. It finds itself in old monastery. Others are with us together, their fragments. We have to get out, listen to the echoes of reality and anticipate possible parallel constructions of environment, in the dominium, in one of the many.

Dominium is thiking about world like just one of many possible dominions involving past and future. It was intented to reach form of game to its complexity of items putted together and free movement of exploration games. Looking forward to subjective Idea of posssible another world which could be carried and developed through years from shadows to pure Idea, but it always reflect the real.

Technically it is Virtual Reality application, but it can extend into spatial installation surrounding others who are not inside the VR glasses with projections and sound, around one who is the wielder. It can be independend, or performed once. It can be different with current versions of development, or it include more visual effects and audio live modulation, depending on hardware setup.

This is showing wide reanimated version for site specific projection wall at Horizonty Event, Center for architecture and Town planning, Prague, 2018

Into the 360 degree video to be reached.

3 screen study for performance, in this vudei us missing VR set, due to sowftware actualization, old Oculus DK2 stopped ing. But it is working together with operator, who is modifying both audio and video flow. Ambisonic multichannel audio included, other sources and controll via Pure Data & jack.

Old Walkthrough

this is more autentic screen recording from its first versions, how it was created for first exhibition. Realtime quality is better.

Horizonty, CAMP. 2017

photo by: Anna Horova

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Presentation at Institute of Intermedia, CVUT, Prague, 2017

photo by: Petra Krejcova


During group exhibition Right now, Gallery of AMU, Prague, 2017

photo by:

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VR during Audio pathways & Magnetic Fields, St.Agness Monastery, National Gallery, Prague, 2017

photo by: Milos Vojtechovsky

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Dominium VR project